Simple steps to help with donor retention

Reoccurring donations from your donors are critical to successfully fundraising for your nonprofit organization. Nonprofits with a low donor retention rate need to continually acquire new donors or larger gifts to continue to meet fundraising targets. With the number of nonprofit organizations to choose from, it is easy for a donor to simply make a one-time donation to your nonprofit and then move on to donating to the next. Below is a list of suggestions to better ensure that you retain your donors:

Deepen the relationship

Explain to your current donors why your organization is significant to them and ask them how ask for their feedback. For example, create custom surveys on the bottom of your websites, social media pages, and email campaigns that will help you better gauge the overall interests of your donors. Everyone wants to feel important, so why not assure your donors that you genuinely care about their interests and their reasons for investing in your organization in the first place? Start viewing your donors as friends rather than just financial contributors to your organization.

Drip marketing

Successful drip email campaigns are critical to effectively maintaining the attention of your current donors. Basically, drip marketing is all about giving your donors the right information at the right time. The beauty of drip emails is that they are all sent based on triggers and criteria that you are in control over. Drip campaigns give your organization a persistent online presence that is vital to donor retention. The creativity of the emails is all up to you, so aim to make them as intriguing and meaningful as possible.

Special events to reward donors

It is critical to throw events for your donors that conveys your admiration for them. For example, try something new and host an event like an annual awards gala. Hosting an awards gala is a great fundraising opportunity that also thanks your donors for their contributions to your organization.

Social media

Use social media routinely to share impact stories and to engage with your followers. Be creative and consistent with your posts to prove how your donations are making an authentic impact. Social media allows your donors to follow along as your projects unfold step by step, so don’t wait until it is too late to show your supporters what you have accomplished through their help.



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