Memorial campaigns took center stage at the Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum Conference 2018

We were thrilled to be a sponsor of last week’s Peer to Peer Professional Forum Conference in Miami. This was my second year attending the conference, although last year I was new to Rallybound and did not know many of our customers. This year was much different as I had an opportunity to work with our customers for a full year, witnessing firsthand the wonderful ideas and innovative approaches to fundraising they’ve had. One area that continued to be mentioned throughout 2017 was regarding “Memorial” campaigns.

While these types of campaigns are not generally affiliated with fundraising, nonprofits are realizing with increasing frequency that loved ones want a way to honor and/or pay tribute to someone who has touched their lives.

Jordan Winn, from the Colorectal Cancer Alliance (CCA), spoke about CCA’s “Blue Star Tributes” (BST) program. During the initial build of BST with Rallybound, I was able to witness their attention to detail. CCA is world-class at creating a means of memorializing loved ones during a very sensitive time. Their white glove follow-up with every Champion (fundraiser) sets them apart and has brought in many donations to benefit their cause.

One of the most awarding aspects of being at the conference was not just hearing Jordan’s presentation but the buzz that it created. Many people approached me throughout the conference to ask more in-depth questions about creating and maintaining a memorial and tribute campaign. I also saw multiple people asking Jordan about it directly. There is so much interest in the nonprofit space about this unorthodox approach to fundraising that can act as a salve to those hurting while furthering a mission at the same time.

Our booth at the P2P Professional Forum Conference in Miami

During her talk, Jordan spoke about how they went about choosing Rallybound. “When you choose a platform it needs to be based on need, not an idea,” she said. “It’s so important that your platform has an open API and can be customized. If it’s not you’re going to be stuck with a platform that can’t grow with you and your API needs,” she continued.

Here is a snippet of the Q&A session that followed her talk about memorial campaigns:

Q: What was the hardest part about the transition from switching platforms?

CCA: We were a bit reactive in the way we communicated this to our constituents.  Getting all of our fundraisers up to speed, although user-friendly, it was quite different from Blackbaud. We could have been better about communicating on the front end.

Q: What was the main reason why you switched from Luminate?

CCA: There was customization in 2016 we were unable to accomplish and Rallybound could.

Q: After a page is created are there any type of emails that go out to the fundraiser or do the emails come from you?

CCA: Both. We have personalized the emails that go out from Rallybound and then I follow up with a personal email.

Undoubtedly 2018 will consist of many discussions regarding memorial and tribute campaigns. If you would like to discuss this further, please reach out to the RallyBound team so we can have a personalized conversation with you.



Danyelle Williams


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