Heart to the Page: Moving Cause Connection from Fundraiser Hearts to Fundraiser Pages

Motivation in fundraising is crucial. It can come in different forms based on the event, but one through-line persists: if a fundraiser relates their story to possible donors success is imminent.

There’s a lot to be said about storytelling. Some take it in high-regard while others believe it’s a secondary priority. Trouble is that just isn’t the case. Within online fundraising the need to draw in donors is instantaneous. Every individual is bombarded with messaging. In email, on Facebook, on Twitter, everywhere and anywhere you look there is messaging, stories’ trying to entice.

Fundraisers need to do the same. Pushing them to do so can be taxing. As with everyone they are strapped for time and will most likely only give miscellaneous attention to fundraising. No matter how committed, you are competing with required priorities.

All that said, it doesn’t mean that any fundraiser is less motivated, so easing every possible burden is important.

Here’s how to enable fundraiser stories in RallyBound:

1. Use the guided tour to present examples, evocation, etc.

2. Craft email/social templates around your demographic research

        a. Deeply know your supporters and WHY they care. Make it easy for them to state affection, by teasing it.

3. Set achievements around personalizing pages

4. Auto-responders based on personalizing/not personalizing pages

Fundraisers are at the core of a solid strategy…or should be. They’re passion yields success. A deep connection to your cause moves mountains. Do everything you can to attract those stories to fundraiser pages.




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