Building a nonprofit board of directors that maximizes fundraising

Maintaining a nonprofit board that maximizes revenue for your organization is no simple task. Before recruiting potential board members to your organization, here’s a few ideas to keep in mind:

Do your research

Before reaching out to prospective board members, make sure to do your research. Be sure that they would be interested in investing their energy, time, revenue, and resources into your organization before reaching out.

It’s best to reach out to individuals who have a history in the nonprofit field and/or have experience with the cause your organization supports. The more experience they have with the nonprofit work you do, the more invested they will be and the easier it will be for them to help recruit other supporters and donors – including major donors – for your organization.

Safeguard a rewarding experience for your potential board members

Ensure that your board members’ experience will be as fulfilling as possible. If a well-known individual is interested in being on the board of your organization, assure them that it will be a gratifying experience. In other words, approach them as equal stakeholders in your organization and thoroughly explain to them how their participation will benefit their personal and professional development as well.

Network with their network

Encourage your board members to develop their networks of support to maximize revenue for your nonprofit organization. You will need to network with their connections to open doors to potential major donors and fundraisers. The more individuals they connect your organization with, the more potential major contributions your organization may receive.

Make sure they have a hands-on experience

All potential board members to your organization want to know exactly how their contributions will be utilized. Ask your members to attend fundraising events, awards ceremonies and other special events to meet both other supporters and possibly the people and causes you support. The closer they are to the work of your nonprofit, the more passionate and invested they will become.



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