Promote via text (SMS) on iPhone and Android

Imagine this scenario: You’re supporting your favorite cause in their annual endurance challenge. You find yourself at a party, going through common chit-chat with a friend: “What’s new?” “What are you up to these days?” and naturally you excitedly discuss the upcoming campaign.

Now, maybe this individual will be able to attend and participate or maybe they will simply provide a little capital support, but you want to take that action now. Time is of the essence.

Starting today, there is an even more efficient way to capitalize on this opportunity: share via SMS.  

Those viewing the new updated personal or donation page on an iOS or Android device will now see the option to share via SMS (Text Message).

By simply clicking the SMS button, users will be taken out to their SMS interface to select a recipient(s) and edit text as they wish.

In a few simple steps, an important action can be taken to create awareness and impact.

For those not currently on the updated pages, please reach out to to make the transition.




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