Rallybound Features That Make Your Fundraising Soar

Crafting a useful and user-friendly feature is only half the equation. The other and the most important is that clients utilize what you’ve provided to their benefit.

In that vein, some of our platforms features are sparsely employed and it is our job to ensure that they are done so efficiently and effectively to achieve fundraising objectives.

So…below are a few features of note that help your fundraising reach new heights:

Advanced Badging System:

        Gamification is a real strategy of interest in digital fundraising. Now, while its successes can be debated, we crafted a system of achievement levels, customized badge identities, etc that cultivate engagement and drives impact.

Advanced Trigger Systems

        In similar fashion to gamification, our trigger system allows admins to develop automated responses based upon a litany of user actions. This is marketing automation for the online fundraising set.


        The ease at which admins can publish new campaigns is something we strive to provide. Our cloning capabilities put publishing in seconds at an admin’s fingertips. Never miss an opportunity based upon time constraints.

Reserve Processor:

        A new feature, first in class and market leading, designed to ensure that even if a processor is unavailable, donations can still reach their intended location through alternate arm.

Integrations aplenty:

        Our focus is providing high-class peer-to-peer fundraising solutions. But to make fundraising sing requires a few different platforms and thus we integrate with more than 20 different services including Salesforce, NationBuilder, Dropbox and MailChimp.

RallyBound On-Site:

        The excitement of watching a fundraising tally inch upward in real time is what drove the development of this feature. Connected via PayPal Here, On-Site takes donations, completes registrations and gets activation moving all via a tablet.

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