Rebuilding Together uses Rallybound for crowdfunded designated giving

Rebuilding Together has launched an innovative fundraising campaign called [Re]Build to encourage donors to support its home and community structure repairs program. This designated giving campaign uses crowdsourcing to help fund different parts of a home, including repairing roofs, windows and furnaces, among other home improvements.

Working with Rallybound, Rebuilding Together recently launched a national campaign for its supporters and has future plans to expand the peer-to-peer fundraising solution for its 70 chapters nationwide, as well as for corporate teams, including Lowes and others. The national campaign, as well as each chapter and corporate partner, will have an assigned team fundraising page where donations to their individual fundraisers will roll up.

Every donor that lands on the [Re]Build site sees the following interactive graphic, which helps them to decide which section of a home they would like to support with their donation:



Whichever section that a donor chooses to support (their designated giving selection) is recorded and can be reported on through the Rallybound administration system. This will also be reflected in reporting to be associated with the correct fundraiser and fundraising team:



Rebuilding Together has also integrated a standalone donation page into its main website that also is powered by Rallybound:


Overall, Rebuilding Together has constructed an innovative and unique approach to its fundraising that leverages the flexibility of the Rallybound platform and API. For more information about how this project came together, please reach out to our team.



Chad Catacchio


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