Reconnect with past participants, fundraisers and donors

It is critical for every nonprofit to reconnect with past participants, donors and fundraisers that have not recently taken part in fundraising efforts. The good new is, if someone has raised funds or donated to an organization in the past, the organization has an existing connection and, with work, many of those supporters can be brought back into the fold. Here’s a few ideas to keep in mind when reaching out to past participants donors:

Keep it personal but capitalize on technology

The best way to reactivate your contributors is to keep it personal and to remind them why they wanted to interact with your mission in the first place. Whether through email, social media, smartphone notifications or directly through your fundraising platform, provide your past supporters multiple ways to interact with your organization online. Remember to be persistent when posting online and to interact with them routinely.

Recruit social influencers

Social influencers are people outside of your organization who have a prominent social media presence and post positive posts about your organization.When past fundraisers and donors of your organization see someone they possibly admire posting about your nonprofit, they will likely want to start supporting you again! So reach out to individuals who you think might be willing to advocate for your organization and ask them to post about your nonprofit, ideally once a month.

Provide incentives

Everyone loves a good incentive. Incentives can go a long way when it comes to getting people onboard a fundraising campaign. For example, provide a fun incentive such as an exclusive giveaway for your past donors and fundraisers to motivate them. A giveaway can be something as small as providing a free dinner at a local restaurant to something such as featuring your supporters on your organization’s website.

Explore rebranding

Explore the possibility of rebranding your organization. Create new graphics, update your messaging style, and generate an overall updated look and feel to your organization’s online brand and give the organization a new talking point to reach out to past participants.

Promote your progress

Proving that your nonprofit organization has utilized its past donations in the best possible way will likely get donors and fundraisers to reconsider getting involved again. Donors and fundraisers want to be sure that your organization is making the best use out of its contributions. For example, send your past supporters an email that features the progress you have made with the contributions you have received within the past year. Communicate any positive changes you have implemented.

Keep it Positive

Remember, individuals need effective communication from the organizations they support. So, be positive. Celebrate their awesomeness with positive reinforcement. For example, frame your emails with subject lines such as, “Happy one-year anniversary from your last donation!” or “Happy fundraising!” Basically, craft your language so that individuals will only associate positive opinions when thinking about your organization.



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