More options for recurring donations; easier embedding of fundraising campaigns

Recurring donations are a critical fundraising revenue stream for many nonprofits. These organizations need to offer payment terms to donors in the most flexible way possible in order to attract and retain those donors over an extended period of time. Rallybound is now happy to be able to offer that increased flexibility to our customers with our latest beta release.

Our fundraising platform has expanded the options that a nonprofit can offer donors, enabling them to set up weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual recurring donations. This enhancement (recurring donations has been an option for some time on our platform) is only available at this time to nonprofits that use WePay as their payment processor. This option is still in beta and is not self-service at this time, please contact us if you would like to have this enabled.

Quickly grab campaign embed codes

One of the many powerful features of our platform is the ability to easily embed Rallybound-powered donation and tribute pages into any website. While we have had embed codes available for client admins to copy and paste into other sites for some time, we have updated our New Admin to make this even easier.

For example, let’s say you wanted to take the following standalone tribute page and embed it into your organization’s main website (for instance, one run on WordPress):

Sample standalone tribute donation page

To do that, you would simply go to your campaign admin page, expand the “Embed code” section, then copy and paste the code into the appropriate place in your website’s code. Refresh the page, and you would have the embedded tribute page, it’s that simple.

Sample New Admin interface with embed code



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