Drive donations with Rallybound’s new Show Your Match feature

Getting a donor – whether an individual, corporation or larger foundation – to match donations during a funding drive is a key strategy that many nonprofits routinely use to increase interest and urgency for their fundraising campaigns. However, the information around the match is often only verbally relayed to potential donors, either through media or written in email, etc. This means that when a potential donor visits the donation page, information about the matching donation is left off the page. What’s more, the data around the match isn’t automatically represented in reports, meaning increased work for staff.

With Show Your Match, we’ve come up with an elegant solution to remedy these issues and allow nonprofits of any size to create great looking and informative matching donation campaigns.

Show Your Match is a new addition to our standalone donation pages, which nonprofits can create in minutes in order to launch an online fundraising campaign. When setting up the donation page, nonprofit admins will now see new Show Your Match modules that can be added to the page:

To enable Show Your Match, an admin should follow these simple steps to create a matching donor:

  • Click “Enable Editing” in the top right (ensure you are logged in as an administrator)
  • In the “Matchers” widget, click “Add Matcher”
  • In the ensuing popup, add matcher information, including:
    1. Image (optional, e.g. a corporate logo or a headshot of the donor)
    2. Name of matcher
    3. Website (the matcher’s name will link to this site)
    4. Description
    5. Match end time/date

Once a match is configured, an automatic countdown widget displays how long donors have to take advantage of the match. Additionally, donation amounts in various locations are displayed as “effective amount”, making it clear to the donor what they are contributing with their donation.

Another feature of Show Your Match is that admins can add as many matchers as they wish! Additional matchers can either run for the same timeframe or be staggered. Regardless, whenever 2 or more matchers are active at a time, the effective donation amount will increase in relation to the number of matchers. For example, if there are 2 matchers, the effective donation amount of a $100 donation would be $300 – with 3 matchers it would be $400, etc.

To determine what amount was matched by a given matcher, navigate to the Matchers report in the reports tab of the Rallybound admin panel. That report lists each matcher, the amount matched, number of donations, and matched-until date. For more details on how reports work with Show Your Match, read our documentation and watch this video demo.

Show Your Match is a great new tool for year end campaigns, giving days and any other fundraising campaign that is a good fit for adding a matching donation.



Chad Catacchio


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