Get more control over your fundraising website design with Site Builder

When designing and running a nonprofit fundraising platform, there are invariably website design aspects that will need to change based on changing needs. Rallybound-built fundraising websites have always included flexibility to make changes using CSS to our templates, and we have also helped clients with both designing and updating their templates. That said, many of our clients have asked for a more integrated and native way to make website design changes to their templates. To answer this need, we developed Site Builder.

Nonprofit administrators can use Site Builder tools to edit their website’s template, including editing the font, colors, navigation menu, banner media, buttons, and widgets. Site Builder includes a number of powerful editing features including reordering of elements by dragging and dropping, changing colors using a color picker, and easily adding or removing widgets. One of the advantages of Site Builder is that all changes made will automatically be mobile responsive, in accordance with our fully responsive website templates.

Our aim in creating Site Builder was to make it as intuitive to use as possible so that any nonprofit professional can use it for website design, regardless of technical knowledge. Organizations that are interested in Site Builder should reach out to us to discuss implementation. For a full explanation of how to use Site Builder, please read our documentation and watch this video demo.



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