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Nonprofit managers spend a great deal of time and resources on recruiting individual fundraisers for their peer-to-peer fundraising campaign. After all of that effort to get people to sign up for a campaign, nonprofits can hardly afford to let those supporters slip through the cracks by not engaging in actual fundraising. To guard against this, nonprofits need to select a digital fundraising platform that gives a fundraiser all of the tools to succeed in one place. Let’s take a look at how Rallybound handles this all-important functionality.

Setting up a personal fundraising page

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After registration, the first task for fundraisers is to set up their personal fundraising page. This is their public profile during the campaign which potential donors visit to learn more about the fundraiser’s connection and motivation to raise funds for the nonprofit’s cause. In order to best convey their enthusiasm, the fundraiser can customize the page with images, video and text, and can also set a unique URL for the page.

Sending out the message

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Once the page is ready, fundraisers need to begin promoting it to their friends, family and coworkers. Rallybound’s Fundraiser Dashboard (previously “Fundraiser HQ”) is designed to not only encourage this process from the outset, but to continually give fundraisers the tools and reminders they need to push out their message. This includes the ability to import email contacts from all of the major email providers and clients, and then send out emails asking for donations right through the Rallybound platform.

Additionally, fundraisers can integrate their social media accounts directly into the Fundraiser Dashboard in order to send out calls to action to their peers on social media. Placeholder messaging for both email and social media can be customized by the nonprofit (and then changed by the fundraiser) for more targeted calls to action. Additionally, the system can send out social media updates automatically based on the fundraiser’s activity. Across all of the nonprofits we serve, an average of 42.7% of fundraisers that register for an account take an action on the Dashboard to enhance their profile.

Tracking success

The Fundraiser Dashboard gives individual fundraisers (and fundraising team captains) full reports on donation activity, including easy follow-up with donors. For team captains, the Dashboard also allows captains to track the progress of each individual team member.

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Managing on the go

CHOC mobile appOne game-changing and unique aspect of the Rallybound platform is the availability of our premium mobile solution, which allows fundraisers to access their Fundraiser Dashboard in the form and function of a native iOS or Android app. Not only do our apps provide comparable functionality of the Web-based dashboard, the apps also allow fundraisers to tap into their phone-based contacts (including phone numbers), which provides them with another powerful avenue to reach donors.

The addition of a mobile app solution also allows the nonprofit’s campaign managers to reach out to fundraisers through push notifications on their smartphones, which can be used to motivate, remind and even virtually reward fundraisers. So, wherever fundraisers spend their time online, whether on their smartphones, tablets or computers, they are able to check in on their campaign, and are reachable by nonprofit managers.

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