Break up Donations into Monthly Payments

No organization wants this scenario to be true: a prospective donor arrives on your donation page, loves your mission, best friends with your fundraiser, but just doesn’t have the cash to make a full donation.

This is an absolute bummer. The result could be abandonment or a lesser amount. However, it is a reality. And…the reason we just launched our “Payment Split” feature.

Reducing barriers to entry has long been a drive for us. You hear a great deal about Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO) or funnels and our greatest fear is that impact doesn’t arrive simply because technology inhibited it. There’s no excuse for that. Clients put their faith in us to streamline user touchpoints for a heightened experience that aids fundraising.

How it works:

Much like your current donation flow, donors who make the journey are now offered the opportunity to create a payment plan, breaking out their donation(support) into 2 or 3 monthly installments.


What will donors see on their statement?

Upon submitting their payment plan, an automatic email is deployed once the initial payment has been authorized by the processor. This same response will be sent prior to charges in subsequent months.

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