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How Salesforce and Rallybound Strengthen Long-term Growth

By Rallybound | September 17, 2015
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Donor and supporter data is the most valuable information a nonprofit organization owns. It is the lifeline to revenue, brand, programs and awareness. Gathering, managing…

Import Contacts via iCloud and LinkedIn

By Rallybound | August 21, 2015
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Email is a critical component of peer-to-peer fundraising. Whether on mobile, desktop or tablet, donors still take more impact actions on email than any other…

Self-service Ticketing Pages

By Rallybound | July 16, 2015
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*Please note, this product is currently in Private Beta. Speed is vital to fundraising. Impact anytime, anywhere. This is the motto. This is the objective.…

Rallybound Features That Make Your Fundraising Soar

By Rallybound | April 30, 2015
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Crafting a useful and user-friendly feature is only half the equation. The other and the most important is that clients utilize what you’ve provided to…

Template System Update!!

By Rallybound | January 27, 2015
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Across the Internet, users are becoming increasingly accustomed to a more personalized experience when engaging with websites and platforms. RallyBound is excited to announce that…

Admin Upgrade Live

By Rallybound | January 14, 2015
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Today we are announcing the beta release of our Admin upgrade. The backend ( aka “admin”) contains information at the event or campaign level. Accessing…

Donor Covers Fees Feature Update

By Rallybound | November 19, 2014
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We believe we have the responsibility to the nonprofit market to build features that push the boundaries of what is possible in online fundraising. It…

Rallybound Feature Update

By Rallybound | July 25, 2014
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Every client or campaign is unique. We understand that and build features to account and enhance that quality. This post will review two recent features…

New Feature: Manage Administrative Access with Security Privileges

By Rallybound | June 11, 2014
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Over the past few weeks, clients have requested the need for specify authority for certain administrators. This gives larger, more dispersed, organizations the ability to…


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