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See you at Dreamforce later this month!

By Chad Catacchio | November 1, 2019
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Rallybound is thrilled to be a Salesforce.org Lodge sponsor at Dreamforce for the fourth year in a row! Dreamforce is Salesforce’s premier annual conference and…

Sign in with Apple brings new dimension to privacy and data collection for nonprofits

By Zalman Friedman | June 10, 2019
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Last week, Apple announced its upcoming Sign in with Apple feature, which will provide developers and users a single sign on (SSO) option to go…

Match this: Rallybound rolls out deep Amply integration

By Chad Catacchio | April 18, 2019
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Matching gifts – whether in timed campaigns or evergreen – are increasingly seen as a vital function of any peer to peer fundraising platform. To…

Recent integration update brings Rallybound into sixth year of developing Salesforce fundraising app

By Chad Catacchio | March 22, 2019
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The number of nonprofits using Rallybound and Salesforce for their fundraising needs has risen every year, and we continue to add new nonprofit clients every month.

Sync Rallybound with Constant Contact

By Rallybound | August 18, 2015
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In our minds, it is crucial that administrators have the ability to connect 3rd-Party service platforms. Our ethos is that great products focus: RallyBound on…

Rallybound and Boundless Fundraising

By Rallybound | July 13, 2015
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Great integrations are like any other business partnership. They provide equal opportunity to all: the user, the partners and in the nonprofit sphere, beneficiaries. RallyBound’s…

Rallybound & NationBuilder Combine for Mission Success

By Rallybound | February 19, 2015
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Smart integrations and apps are at the center of our ethos. NationBuilder was one that we announced last year and continue to be delighted with…

iATS Payments: Our Newest Payment Processor Integration

By Rallybound | February 2, 2015
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And the Integration tally continues to grow! This week, RallyBound is proud to welcome iATS payments to the integration family. As with all integrations, we…

Rallybound Now Integrates with Salesforce NGO Connect

By Rallybound | October 13, 2014
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We strive to provide our clients with the latest and greatest technology not just for their online fundraising efforts, but to centralize all of their…

Rallybound now Integrates with Dropbox!

By Rallybound | September 30, 2014
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Oh, Dropbox how you make life so much more organized and collaborative. We use it internally at RallyBound to alleviate clutter and manage vital documents…


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