Cause + Technology + Retention = Sustainable Fundraising/Impact

Over the last few years, RallyBound has had the pleasure of supporting an increasing number of stellar organizations.

These groups advocate for the eradication of AIDS, inclusion of all people, breast cancer awareness, adoption scholarships, and pediatric cancer research. It makes us proud to watch the launch of each and every campaign, pushing social transformation further than ever before.

Our goal has always been to continue to provide first-rate technology that helps align awareness, advocacy and fundraising.

However, it’s about more than technology, it’s about applying the power of modern fundraising technology to more traditional development strategies to deepen the link between administrators and supporters. Below are a few tips to take into account as you plan your next campaign and work to enrich relationships with constituents.

1. Establish more intrinsic connections

2. Ask once, thank twice

3. Helping advocates tell THEIR story, not yours

4. Well-constructed Incentives

5. Gamification

Not every retention strategy works with every demographic. The best mindset is one of experimentation and research: hypothesizing, implementing and perfecting. With focus, patience and creativity, there is no limit to how high your fundraising can soar, and if you look beyond the dollar towards the end-user, there is no limit to the transformation you can create in your community.

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