Causeview: Optimizing Salesforce Efficiency for Nonprofits

As a technology solution for a variety of nonprofits, big and small, the most common complaint always relates to the time and energy needed to raise money in a short period of time. Causeview is an integration worth its weight simply for the fact that it solves this issue. It helps YOU–Fundraise smarter, not harder.

 How Causeview Accomplishes Its Mission:

 First off, Causeview is built atop the Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack.

 Secondly, databases are sometimes intimidating, daunting, and cumbersome. Causeview knows this and has identified 3 key pain points for non-profits on which to focus: Fundraising Pages, Event Management and Volunteer Management and how they fit within the Salesforce ecosystem.

 Each area syncs automatically with Salesforce and drops information into customized Causeview objects. This makes it so the admin is not fiddling with the creation of custom objects with an out of the box Salesforce license. Causeview has already completed that heavylift.


Causeview and RallyBound:

 We love integrations. Each service partnership must be explored with great care and diligence. Causeview helps to alleviate a pain point that our clients continually discuss with us.

 The ability to manage these 3 areas on top of the ability to sync all peer-to-peer campaign information perfectly into Salesforce through Causeview, alleviates a lot of frustration from the admin and will aid in donor management/nurturing.

 More specifically, donor, participant and campaign information will connect throughout an admin’s initiatives. The centralization of all of your efforts is important to reduce time in order to refocus your efforts. In its grandest view, Causeview enables your RallyBound data to be widespread rather than segmented to peer-to-peer specific initiatives and vice versa.

 We are extremely excited to collaborate with Causeview and look forward to advancing capabilities in the future to increase value for our clients.

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