Centralization: The Benefits of Integration

Fundraising is hard to manage. With multiple platforms providing a variety of capabilities to disparately involved departments, there is room for chaos.

RallyBound strives to prevent that chaos and reduce the possibility of missed opportunities. We do this through impactful integrations with cutting edge providers such as: Salesforce, BillHighway, Dropbox and MailChimp.

Below are just a few of the attributes of a centralizing your organization through integrations:

1.The Optimization and Efficiency of Fundraising Activities

2.Reduction in data gaps

3.Ability to properly nurture donor relationships

4.Donor fatigue mitigation

5.Up-to-date reporting for Finance & Operations

6.Complex fundraising strategies appropriately tracked and managed

7.Personnel strain reduction

8.Tech ROI advancement

9.Better communication amongst vast department tactics and responsibilities

10. A more collected presence in the community. Donors appreciate this.

Let’s optimize your efforts and strengthen your impact! RallyBound integrates with over 20 different services solely for the benefit of our clients.

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