Champion Campaigns: Allow supporters to take their fundraising to the next level

Fundraisers are the heart of any nonprofit fundraising campaign. That said, some fundraisers go the extra mile (and then some) and elevate their advocacy work to the next level. We call these fundraisers “Champions,” and on Rallybound they get special powers.

With Champion Campaigns, Champions can create full-fledged campaigns to accept donations, promote and sell tickets to an event, and even invite friends and family to fundraise around that event. This encourages Champions to bring in their acquaintances, who in turn include their own personal network, resulting in exponential growth.

Once their campaign is created, a Champion can configure their campaign, modify their site, and toggle campaign registration on or off, with permissions set by a nonprofit administrator. Champions can determine whether their Champion Campaign will be used to primarily sell tickets to an event or whether they want to create a complete peer-to-peer fundraising campaign.


A Champion’s main fundraising page on the parent campaign will include funds raised on the parent campaign itself and on any Champion Campaigns created in connection to their page. Parent campaign and team amounts will also include funds raised from Champion Campaigns. This will reflect on the website, wherever progress bars, amounts raised, and leaderboards are displayed. These amounts will also go into calculating when goals are reached.

To learn more about how Champion Campaigns can be used to create innovative fundraising campaigns, please read our extensive documentation and watch this video demo.



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