CHOC Walk once again exemplifies fundraising for children’s hospitals

Many children’s hospitals have seen success with peer-to-peer fundraising. Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC), Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and St. Judes are all great examples of children’s hospitals leveraging their supporter base to fundraise. With advancements in nonprofit technology, increased online giving and the growing influence of peer engagement, children’s hospitals of any size can now use this approach to fundraise.

CHOC’s CHOC Walk is an excellent example of how hospitals can utilize technology and strategy to lead their supporters to successful fundraising. CHOC Walk, has used various fundraising techniques to fully equip their supporters and maximize their fundraising potential. As their fundraisers have become more involved and comfortable, CHOC Walk (up to the final 2 weeks of the campaign) has seen a 29% increase in fundraisers on the platform along with a 13% increase in donors compared to 2017. This year 13,000 walkers participated, raising over $2.7 million. So what makes CHOC Walk standout? Here are a few things that help CHOC’s fundraisers succeed online:

How to’s & encouragement

The CHOC Walk site’s fundraising toolkit teaches supporters how to create their own complete and personalized fundraising page, and how to setup a fundraising team. It’s important to have this information, because without directions and encouragement on how to get started, donors sometimes abandon the registrations process halfway.

Another way to keep fundraisers going is through incentives. CHOC Walk participants earn prizes for their fundraising efforts, which not only gives direct motivation, but also adds some friendly competition with other fundraisers. 


CHOC Walk has a large supporter base in Southern California, and many supporters have joined corporate, community, family and CHOC affiliate teams. These teams generally have 6 or more walkers, and account for over 10% of the millions of dollars raised each year for CHOC Children’s.

Matching gifts

When users make a donation to CHOC Walk, they are encouraged to check and see if their employer will match their charitable contribution. Matching gifts can boost fundraising totals and help reach overall goals. Donors often need reminding about their employers’ matching gift programs, which is why followup is important as well. 

Branded mobile app

CHOC Walk FUNdraiser app, created by Rallybound, allows fundraisers to recruit team members, request donations and send reminders. The mobile app gives fundraisers and team captains ease of use in tracking their progress right from their phone. It links to phone contacts and email apps so that you can start fundraising right away. The app can also be connected to social media platforms to help expand fundraising to a larger network.



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