Common Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Concerns for 2015

One of the best features of the Peer-to-Peer Forum dataset is the growth, forecast and fears tab. As a community, we learn so much by taking stock and listening to what others are inhibited by, solving problems to, etc.

Our goal as a company is to always keep an ear to the ground, digest what is being said and sculpt solutions that will meet the needs of the market at large, but allow customization for each of our clients.

Below are the identified common growth drivers and inhibitors as defined by our cohort, followed by our personal solutions to those anxieties.

Growth Drivers:

  • -More individual participation
  • -More team recruitment
  • -More revenue per participant
  • -More sponsorship revenue
  • -More corporate revenue
  • -More events


  • -Setting ourselves apart/competition
  • -Hitting maximum event scale
  • -Lack of corporate support
  • -Volunteer and team burnout
  • -Endurance interest waning-
  • -Inability to retain Teams, Participants and Corporate support year-over-year

RallyBound Resolutions:

-Our simple, yet strong UX/UI allows organizations to increase revenue, while setting themselves apart and re-engaging participants/teams accustomed to less user-friendly and mired systems.

-With emails and social posts that can be customized, deployed and even white-labeled, captains and fundraisers will find a more personalized way to encourage donations in addition to recruitment.

-Engagement is always a concern while being a growth driver. Through automation tools such as conditional communication, automated triggers and advanced social media settings, the ease to enable consistent activation has never been easier.

Moreover, gamification capabilities such as campaign specific badges, again provide a comprehensive system tailored to please all stakeholders: Admins, Donors and Fundraisers!

-RallyBound’s 20+ integrations allow organizations to sync disparate systems such as: Salesforce, MailChimp, NationBuilder and Raiser’s Edge in an effort to market and craft a higher-quality experience for all involved.

Nurturing donors post campaign has never been easier. Marketing and converting has never been easier. Analysis now has its best friend!

-Sure, endurance interest may be slowing down, but the advancement of wearable technology provides a more enticing way to raise funds. Think of it: Funds rising automatically in-step with a fundraisers movements. The future is here and RallyBound is ready to activate this system, we’re just looking for the interested party. Who wants to give it a go?!

Some of these feelings seem familiar? Contact RallyBound to discuss and set-up a free demo. Our mission is to support yours!




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