Nonprofits can now create custom email autoresponders on Rallybound

Peer-to-peer fundraising is all about relationships. The relationship between fundraisers and donors, between team members, and between a nonprofit and its supporters. For some time, Rallybound has helped to automate email communications on our platform, sending out preset “autoresponder” emails based on actions taken and goals reached. In our latest update, we’ve taken this a step further: nonprofits can now build custom autoresponders.

The new autoresponders can be set to be triggered by 4 different criteria: days after registration; percent of goal raised; dollars raised; and the number of donations received. Nonprofits can set all of these criteria to any number they wish, e.g. setting rules to send an autoresponder 3 days after registration or at 50% of goal (or even 200% of goal!). This functionality is now live for all clients and is visible to admin users that are granted these privileges.

One thing to note: while Rallybound does not limit the number of custom autoresponders that you can build using these triggers, it is generally a best practice to carefully consider what emails are useful and motivational to supporters and what may be too much for them, or considered spam. If you have questions about this new feature and how to best use it, please reach out to support team.



Chad Catacchio


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