Digital Communication in Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Have you ever thought about what it means for content to “go viral”? Or what it actually takes for an article, photo or video to be seen everywhere? It comes down to people sharing that piece of content. Each day there seems to be a new way to digitally share: status updates, embedded videos and ephemeral photos. Mobile live streaming seems to be the share de jour.



In peer-to-peer fundraising, the success of a campaign hinges on the ability to share effectively. We are continually looking at and thinking about how to enable nonprofit stories and fundraiser efforts to be distributed far and wide. This reflection includes:

  1. What methods do fundraisers use to share their personal pages?
  2. What type of shares have the highest donor conversion (i.e. most effective)?
  3. What new social tools can fundraisers leverage to raise more money?
  4. How can campaign managers effectively communicate with fundraisers?

The communication layer of our platform enables various types of communications between users. We break them down into a few buckets:

  1. Admin -> Fundraiser
  2. Fundraiser -> Donor
  3. Platform -> User (Admin, Fundraiser or Donor)

These buckets are then broken down further into other criteria: automated vs. manual, templated vs. personalized and sharing channel. We believe it is critical organizations understand what tools are effective for social fundraising. We’ll be exploring all the ways RallyBound enables sharing and communication at scale in future posts.




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