Do Donors Need Their Own Dedicated Mobile Apps?


As you may have heard, RallyBound recently acquired mobile app development company Chorus Connect. The Chorus apps, which are used by four of the top 15 peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns in the U.S., are designed to allow individual fundraisers to manage their P2P campaigns from their smartphones. While we plan a host of improvements to both the iOS and Android fundraising apps, we have received a number of requests to make the apps available for donors. This is not part of our planned development, and we wanted to write up a quick explanation of why.

As an extension of the RallyBound platform’s fundraiser admin, Chorus’ mobile apps allow fundraisers to keep track of, share, and adjust their fundraising efforts to their peers. While fundraisers can prompt existing and potential donors through their Chorus iOS or Android apps, a dedicated app is not needed for donors to make a donation using their mobile phones. Any request for a donation includes a link that sends donors to a mobile optimized page where they can make a donation using their smartphone without having to go through the process of downloading and installing a dedicated app.

Simply put, making a donation is usually a one-time action (though hopefully done multiple times!) that does not require the more in-depth functionality and commitment of a dedicated mobile app. For donation purposes, a mobile optimized donation page not only does everything required in a mobile optimized way, it also works across all devices, including tablets.

For a fundraiser that may need/want to check their P2P campaign multiple times per week or even per day, there is a strong value to having a dedicated app on their smartphone (for example, deep integration with the phone’s notification system). However, for a donor, their phone’s browser is more than capable of easily allowing them to make a donation on a mobile optimized page.



Chad Catacchio

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