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Amidst the fervor of the 2016 election, Twitter today announced a new feature providing political campaigns with the opportunity to receive donations through a tweet.  With an on-demand, real-time economy enabled by technology, customers want to engage where they are at any given time. This release aligns with that “Anywhere and Everywhere” mantra.

Why Nonprofits should care?

Social media is a natural extension of our day-to-day lives. We gain personal, professional and societal insight from each of the various channels; it makes perfect sense that we should enable purchasing or donations within them, as well.

To top it off, there is a low barrier to entry. Organizations only need to set up an account, which is painless and run through a few additional steps. For nonprofits, this aspect sweetens the deal and calms the management fears that may inhibit adoption.

So while this is still only an opportunity for campaigns, organizations should monitor it closely and hope it becomes a widespread capability.

Remember… Be where your constituents are and ease their engagement. Then marvel at how far your relationships and impact go!

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