Donor Covers Fees Feature Update

We believe we have the responsibility to the nonprofit market to build features that push the boundaries of what is possible in online fundraising. It has never been so easy to launch a specific feature to a subset of clients, test to gauge performance and response, tweak it as necessary, then release it into the wild.

We recently launched a test of a feature that seems to be contested in the nonprofit space: “Donor covers fees”.


Our feature allows clients to present the option to donors to cover the processing fees associated with their donation. It is campaign specific, which means any client can enable it in any campaign they launch. This gives organizations the ability to test this feature in select campaigns before launching it across campaigns. Organizations can even set different percentage amounts (for the donor to cover) for different campaigns.

We hope the flexibility of this feature will encourage more organizations to use it. In the end it could lead to an increase in net fundraising revenues for all our clients.


We’ve received  very different reactions to this feature. Some clients love it, others not so much. But it is not our job to judge whether the feature is “bad” or “good”, rather to provide tools that help our clients raise more funds online.

The debate surrounding this feature had us thinking: How effective is this feature? After digging through the usage data (the feature was launched in beta during Q2 of 2013), we noticed that, when given the option, donors cover the fees over 25% of the time. During the test phase,  the sample was relatively small: roughly 3,000 out of 12,000 donors. But that is still a significant rate: 1 in 4 donors will opt to cover the fees if asked!

Here is an article outlining how easy it is to enable “Donor covers fees” in RallyBound. Feel free to reach out with any questions!





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