Donor-First Perspective

This guest post written by David Grazer originally appeared on his blog. Follow him on twitter @GrazerDA

Atop the list of concerns for most marketers is the need for a client’s brand interaction to be stellar from beginning to end. With technologies influx and ecommerce’ perpetual growth, the focus has quickly shifted over the last eighteen months from technological innovation towards the crafting of enjoyable user experiences. However, the ever-cautious Non-Profit sector is only now beginning to move in this direction and in this observer’s opinion, not quickly enough.

NPO’s need to embrace how technology can enhance rather than degrade value. We won’t name names, but the old databases are slowing growth. Drive through the countless fundraising platforms used by the largest charitable organizations and you become bogged down with a meandering donation process, filled with a variety of unnecessary twists and turns. Budgets are strained, but the adoption of donor-centered experiences has tremendous upside.

Don’t take my word for it. Put all of your donors in a room and encourage them to bring along their children. Guide them through your current donation process and take note of their reactions. In addition, take an even more concentrated look at what the younger donors are saying. Those are your future contributors and special care should be given to their impressions.

Remember: Frustration is the ENEMY of Fundraising. Poor experiences are anti-growth, unacceptable and increasingly align younger donors towards social enterprises and HIPPER organizations. You have the opportunity to sustain yourself for the longrun, but you must now allocate funds towards this initiative. Make it easy for your active advocates to aid in missions so vital and worthy of their attention.




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