Don’t Be Afraid of Change

Results are everything. Whether you enjoy fiscal conversations or not, the ability to raise substantial funding aids in providing substantial impact to your communities.

The ability to reach these levels is a tenet of RallyBound’s development. More specifically, it is the basis on which we were founded.

The online fundraising marketplace is a busy space for nonprofits. That being the case, so many practitioners are hesitant to move from their legacy platforms such as Blackbaud’s Team Raiser or Friends Asking Friends. There is no doubt that embedded systems that have been in place for years, sometimes decades, are hard to change. There is a perceived risk and, in a lot of cases, there could be personnel strain and time allocation in conjunction with cost. However, we would argue the money left on the table do to antiquated, non-integrated, software far out ways the cost of switching.

RallyBound exists to provide advanced, personalized and user-friendly products to nonprofits at an appropriate price through a simplified development process. As of today, 80% of RallyBound clients are former Blackbaud users and see an average growth rate of 10-15% on their fundraising upon transitioning. There are many contributing factors, but there is no denying that with RallyBound you receive a different caliber of platform, at a different rate, focused on providing unprecedented tools and results. Take a look at the grid below. We break down vital attributes and how all parties in question deliver them to clients.

The point is to admonish competitors; at the core these companies within the #nptech space are working towards the goal of empowering impact through technology, but more than ever, time is pressing down upon organizations. And the ability to function in a more centralized, high-performing ecosystem is vital. RallyBound makes the migration easier and your peer-to-peer initiatives more fruitful in the long-run.

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