Email is King

Email is still the king in peer-to-peer fundraising. Even as transactions on social media continue to flourish, email remains a steady producer. This is why we take it so seriously.

In the past our team has detailed some tactics on appropriate times to send emails alongside unveiling our conditional communication and auto-response options.

But now we want to dig into the specifics of how we make sure fundraisers send the highest-quality emails from the RallyBound platform. This proactive stance is not necessarily a standard protocol within the industry, but a key reason as to why our sender score sits between 98%-99%.

The foundation of our success is an algorithmic software called SpamAssasin. This software puts every email through the paces, evaluating them against hundreds of parameters that spam filters search for to prevent malware. This process occurs upon stakeholders hitting SEND on any email. In other words, emails that may be perceived as SPAM — even if they are genuine — are inhibited from leaving RallyBound. This ensures a clean IP, higher sender score and more effective emails for clients. In other words, emails get to their intended destination.

Furthermore, there are protocols within the platform such as the prevention of BATCH SENDS for fundraisers, which verify that filters won’t perceive emails coming from a RallyBound site as SPAM. This is our regulation.

How do you know it’s working?

Ever receive an error message that looks like this:

While it can be frustrating, it is a clear example of our system doing its job. Excessive punctuation, subjects in ALL CAPS, low text-to-image ratios, etc., are all common indicators of spam emails. For further examples, take a look in your email provider’s spam folder.

Most importantly, we are continually working to enhance the suggestions we provide. Part of the monitoring and regulation process is educating our clients and their supporters — through error messages like the one mentioned — on how to send the highest quality emails possible.

As with all of our products, we continue to evolve in how we monitor emails leaving RallyBound. The goal is always focused on highest probable conversion. We promise to push the limits of monitoring for your benefit and tip the scales in your favor.  

Autoresponders, triggers and conditionals have all been developed and are regulated in the same ways, but allow clients to prepare emails and experiences unprecedented in our industry.

If you ever have any questions about emails, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to provide guidance.




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