Email Stats Now Visible in Admin

Data. The word on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

Its prevalence has given rise to many astute and impactful insights spanning various fields particularly within the non-profit and medical arenas.

Moreover it is odd to even imagine a marketplace where data was suppressed and decisions were carried out in a seemingly blind manner.

So that is why…

We are excited to announce the release of “Email Stats” into your campaign admin panels.

Visible in 3 specific locations, showcased in the images below, organizations will be able to examine and optimize campaigns based on their own and fundraiser driven actions.

Sent Admin Emails


Sent Auto-Responders 

RallyBound firmly believes that data has the power to transform organizations and their fundraising efforts. We look forward to watching it unfold! This release marks the initial phase of a more robust analytics suite. So stay tuned for further updates.

To further delve into the specifics around Email Statistics and their definitions, click here.




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