How nonprofits can embed donation and ticketing pages in minutes

Rallybound enables nonprofits to embed sleek Rallybound donation and ticketing forms anywhere on any website. But, what exactly is embedding? On a broad level, embedding enables content which is build and hosted on other websites to be presented on a third party website. For example, when viewing a YouTube video on a website other than YouTube, users are experiencing the convenience of embedding.

So how does this relate to nonprofits? Well, instead of needing to build donation forms and ticketing forms on organizational websites, Rallybound offers the ability to embed any Rallybound “Donate Now” or standalone ticketing page on a nonprofit’s website. This provides a great deal of flexibility. For example, nonprofits can differentiate a campaign and utilize multiple embedded Rallybound donation and ticketing forms on different areas of their main website. This enables them to target specific funding objectives towards different audiences on multiple pages of their website. In no time, nonprofits can build great embedded sites like this one that Rebuilding Together just launched:

Rallybound customers can quickly embed these pages by doing the following:

  • First, nonprofits create a ticketing or donation page within the Rallybound Admin Panel.
  • Then they select the Campaign that that they would like to embed.
  • At the bottom of that Campaign’s Admin Landing page, there is an Embed Code box. By clicking on the carrot, the area below expands to reveal the embed code. Just copy the code to place it in the code of a website.

For complete instructions on embedding donation pages, including advanced options, please read our support documentation.



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