Great examples of endurance fundraising campaigns

Today we’re highlighting three organizations that use Rallybound for endurance events. Nonprofits of all sizes can learn from their approach to start their own endurance fundraising.

Marathons & triathlons

PAWS Chicago, and animal welfare organization, has a page dedicated to race events around the world for fundraisers to participate in. This includes many popular marathons in major cities such as New York, London and Las Vegas. This is an excellent way to break geographical fundraising boundaries. PAWS Chicago has a global supporter base that shouldn’t be limited to events in Chicago, so they chose to expand their reach globally through endurance event fundraising.

Takeaway: Don’t be limited to your location, expand your boundaries. By setting up campaign pages for marathons in different cities, passionate supporters can get involved in events no matter where they are.

Mud runs

Mud runs are a popular type of endurance event in which participants run through a mud-covered obstacle courses to add an extra layer of challenge over more traditional events. Mud runs are certainly not for everyone, but if a nonprofit’s supporter base is open to new adventures, this can be a very fun event. For example, the Sierra Club has a campaign page set up for supporters to take part in a third party mud run event. The page also informs supporters of the 3 different races they could participate in, who also have an option of creating a team of fundraisers. The Sierra Club also uses fundraising incentives to motivate its fundraisers, offering prizes at fundraising benchmarks. Similar to setting up a marathon page, as we discussed above, this is also a cost-effective way for organizations to expand into endurance fundraising, with a unique twist.

Takeaway: Know your supporters, before setting up a page for an event such as a mud run, be sure that this will attract your supporter base. An organization’s cause and average supporter persona can indicate interest and motivation to get involved.

DIY endurance

The Michael J Fox Foundation (MJFF) is an excellent example of an organization that utilizes endurance event fundraising. MJFF offers a wide range of events, everything from marathons, triathlons and even climbing mountains. Larger nonprofits such as MJFF have the resources to track and support many events. Check out MJFF’s custom calendar of events with pulls from personal fundraisers’ events, using our Event Listings feature. MJFF uses the calendar to offer supporters a variety of events to choose from, the idea is that everyone will find something of interest and close proximity that will encourage them to get involved. Here’s an example of a unique endurance event page to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro:

Takeaway: Don’t be afraid to diversify. Large organizations can add different types of endurance events to appeal to a wide audience and keep fundraisers engaged and motivated.



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