Event Fundraising Season

Has the polar vortex got you constantly searching for airline specials to Hawaii? No fear! We’ll be springing forward in just a few weeks. And with the prospect of warmer weather comes the event fundraising season! Nonprofits all over the country are planning walkathons, 5ks and bike ride fundraising events for the spring and summer months. Events like these are amazing opportunities for nonprofits to increase the money they raise. Executing a successful event is no small feat. However done right your organization will see a significant boost in fundraising. If you have never planned a fundraising event, here are a few tips to get you started.


1. Create a committee. Pick a few enthusiastic individuals in your organization to help steer the event planning, logistics and operations. They need to be dedicated and excited with idea of working really hard to put on a great event.  

2. Pick an event type. Non-competitive (walks or fun runs), competitive (5k or 10k races), or endurance (marathons or long distance bike rides). The event type should resonate with your constituents and be easily organized given your location.

3. Pick a fundraising software. Most systems can manage event registration, personal fundraising and donation management. A number of factors should be considered with choosing a provide. Check out this peer to peer fundraising calculator to help determine the costs and benefits associated with various platforms.

4. Put a marketing and communications plan together. When will you start promoting the event? How will you get participants and fundraisers to sign up? As soon as you decide to hold an event, you should start asking these questions with your team.

This is obviously a quick list to get those creative juices going. There are a number of other resources that provide comprehensive lists and best practices on how to produce a successful event fundraising campaign. I encourage you to seek those out. Spring is coming!




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