From Orlando with Insight: #P2P15 Takeaways


“This is the time [to invest]…” says Jeff Shuck of Plenty Consulting. From every guidance we’ve read, we wholeheartedly support this statement.

For peer-to-peer practitioners who gathered in Orlando last week, the highlight most certainly was the collaborative insight provided. From organizations of varying scales to vendors working in similar industries, the familial sense you feel is unparalleled and creates a better, stronger and more innovative impact space.

Inside the convention halls, the topic capturing the hearts, attentions and minds of attendees was Do-It-Yourself Fundraising. Most of which can surely be attributed to the increasing prominence and viral exposure associated with darlings: charity:water and ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. With low barrier to entry, there is no question that we are in for some exciting advances in these strategies moving forward.

But, there were a myriad of other notable takeaways at #P2P15.  Below are those which we feel will serve Admins well for the next 12-24 months:

-Technology Education for non-tech staff is a necessity

-Investments should occur now with experts forecasting an impending recession in 2017

-P2P is everywhere, omnipotent and full of opportunity, especially for smaller organizations

-Personal connections to causes remains major/primary motivators for fundraisers

-Retained donors fundraising accounts for 2x more than a new donors

Personalized & Conditional Communication helps breed long-term fundraisers

-Gamification works and moves supporters beyond minimum commitments

-Mobile First, no excuse

-Adoption of donor centric thinking has far-reaching benefits

Itching for further context? No fear. Over the next few months, RallyBound will be focusing on delving into these key takeaways, how they are addressed within our platform and best practices for implementation.

2015 is a time for real transformation and organizations at every revenue level have the ability to cultivate significant impact for their respective causes. Don’t be hesitant to innovate; it is your time, take advantage!




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