Fundraiser Feed brings Facebook Live to fundraising pages

An individual’s ability to raise funds from a crowd or network is a fluid, ongoing process. People are passionate when fundraising for a cause and they need all the tools to express that excitement. To enable this expression we’re excited to launch our new Fundraiser Feed which is the new media section for a fundraiser’s personal fundraising page.

Understanding that a personal fundraising campaign is dynamic in nature, the digital manifestation of that campaign needs to be transitional and ever-changing. Our previous media section implementation served a purpose, but we realized that it was static and stale. In comparison, the Fundraising Feed is a living, open connection from the fundraiser to their network.

Each update to the feed includes a date stamp and can be deleted by the fundraiser:

A callout of what the Fundraiser Feed looks like on a live site. Note the top video is Facebook Live.

Facebook Live

The new Fundraiser Feed does a few things out of the gate. It keeps previous functions from the old media module such as adding an image or a recorded video, but expands on that concept to include a plain text update and ability to embed Facebook Live videos. The Facebook Live feature gives fundraisers a way to turn their personal fundraising page into a de-facto telethon, where they can provide updates on progress to their fundraising campaign, and talk about personal experiences or about the nonprofit they are supporting, all while ensuring that potential donors are watching on the nonprofit’s own fundraising website.


Responsive Fundraiser Dashboard

We have also released an update to our Fundraising Dashboard, enabling a fully mobile responsive experience for our latest themes. This improvement now means that with most, if not all, of the interaction that fundraisers have with Rallybound will offer the best experience possible in mobile browsers. Of course, we also offer a more powerful solution for nonprofits with our native iOS and Android apps as well.

We are really excited about these new improvements and are looking forward to adding more features soon on our latest themes.



Joe Magee


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