Fundraising Predictions for 2016


As the year comes to a close, there are many things to be grateful for and many things to look forward to.

Below are some predictions and insights that we believe can set your fundraising apart in 2016:

Transparency around impact will continue to drive younger donors, so make sure to report

Millennials and Generation Z have grown up in an age of data, it makes sense that when it comes to giving their time, money and effort, they require some semblance of tangible impact. Make sure to provide this in an annual report, personalized videos, emails, etc. Get creative, it’s not about excel sheets, it is about underscoring the difference they are making.

Activity trackers will appear more frequently and create unique experiences during endurance-type challenges

3rd Party campaigns are becoming quite the norm. Based on data collected on the RallyBound platform, it is for good reason. As the proliferation of activity trackers accelerates with further expansion of the quantified-self movement, it is easy to see how fundraising will begin to enhance that experience. It becomes the ultimate alliance: Helping Yourself, While Helping Others.

Personalization of the fundraising experience will be the rule, not the exception

Not a surprise. As technology like ad-blockers push further and further away the spray and pray days of yonder year, organizations on both the for-profit and nonprofit side of the aisle will need to utilize data and technology to further push a unique user experience; completely personalized.

Development – Marketing – IT need to deepen their relationship and become the ultimate trio

While communication amongst all departments must strengthen in a flattened world, the synchronization of these three groups will ensure sustainability long term. Read more here.

Virtual reality pushes further into the marketplace

While still a nascent arena, VR is a world that can be used to amazing advantages for nonprofits. The ability to transport supporters to far off lands where missions are in action is an absolute blessing and one we think can be leveraged for years to come. If Charity:Water can do it, so can you!

Walks are still a large quantity of total fundraising, but 3rd-party campaigns have the most active/engaged fundraisers

Overall, walks still reign over the world of revenue, but as engagement becomes an ever-important metric, 3rd party fundraising will perpetuate its climb. Don’t overlook implementation of fundraising technology that allows supporters to activate on your behalf.




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