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Here at RallyBound HQ we get excited about fundraising technology. The market is also just as exciting. Whether you call it peer-to-peer fundraising, personal fundraising, social, digital, online, crowdfunding… (whew) there are a lot of ways people, organizations, and now businesses, can raise money online. It is incredible to see all the areas of our economy that have leveraged fundraising from a widely distributed audience. A few of our favorite examples are:

  • Startups, products & ideas raising funds from the crowd. (party round!)
  • Game developers creating amazing games like Exploding Kittens (guilty supporter!)
  • Entrepreneurs in developing communities selling equity to people halfway around the world to grow their neighborhood business.

Films, books, travel, records, medical bills: all the fundraising possibilities are literally endless. To try and shed light on our little corner of the internet, we compiled this “FUNDscape” (Borrowed from LUMAscapes). It is an attempt at organizing the fundraising tools and platforms available to mission-driven organizations or ones with a philanthropic directive.

A platforms X-axis position indicates the tools market focus d from consumer to enterprise. Then on the Y-axis the platforms are situated depending upon how customizable the systems feature sets are for their clientele. I think you’ll notice our self-positioned  logo aka sponsored content. 🙂

Feel free to download the high-res graphic here:

We completely understand that this is not a perfect representation of the landscape and have taken care in presenting the FUNDscape in an objective manner. We welcome  your thoughts and suggestions on improvements or corrections below.




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