How EGPAF Innovated With Its Collegiate P2P Fundraising Program


Innovate or continue to stagnate is an imperative that many fundraising programs face at some point. Oftentimes, innovation equates to reassessing existing technological solutions used by an organization to determine if they still meet all of the needs of a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign in 2016.

Today at the P2P Forum in Orlando, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation’s (EGPAF) Sydney Van Horn and Rallybound’s Joe Magee gave a quick talk about how the UP 4 THE FIGHT peer-to-peer program evaluated and changed its fundraising technology, and then set up incentives for their collegiate fundraisers.

“We were missing ways to engage our top fundraisers across the entire program,” says Van Horn. “These students are passionate, and driven, and dedicated to the cause of pediatric HIV/AIDS and it’s something they can’t look outside their window and see, or go and volunteer for, our organization.” With this in mind, in their 2014-15 campaign, EGPAF offered their UP 4 THE FIGHT top fundraiser a trip to Africa to experience EGPAF’s work on the ground.

The combination of the new incentive along with switching to RallyBound’s fundraising platform produced dramatic results: UP 4 THE FIGHT had 54% increased donations year-over-year in 2014-15 and not one, but two students eclipsed $15,000 in donations. Although the incentive trip was initially only supposed to go to a single fundraiser, EGPAF decided to award both students with trips.

Spurred by these results, EGPAF has decided to continue its incentive program during the still-ongoing 2015-16 UP 4 THE FIGHT campaign. Realizing that the majority of fundraisers raised under $400, EGPAF decided to add lower-tiered incentives, in addition to the top award, in order to encourage fundraisers and incentivize them to reach a higher tier, say to $700.




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