How Salesforce and Rallybound Strengthen Long-term Growth

Donor and supporter data is the most valuable information a nonprofit organization owns. It is the lifeline to revenue, brand, programs and awareness. Gathering, managing and leveraging that data helps to expand your programs and cause. That’s why it is critical to have a system that keeps that information at your fingertips. Salesforce is one such system.


Salesforce rallied around the idea of a cloud platform and apps for the enterprise. A platform that could be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. Managing hardware, servers and maintenance to support that software is a thing of the past thanks to their platform. Now, nonprofits can benefit from that vision.

RallyBound’s platform provides a seamless connection to the Salesforce CRM. (link to app) This bridge provides clients the ability to leverage RallyBound and Salesforce for long-term impact. Below are a few clients empowering sustainable success through data:

YSC (Young Survival Coalition)

A great example of an organization going wide and centralized with fundraising & data. Using the combo of RallyBound and Salesforce, YSC synchronizes valuable information from their Summit & Symposium, Tour de Pink, YSC Champions (DIY) platform, donation pages etc. through their fundraising campaigns into Salesforce for long-term management.


2015 was a defining year for AIDS Walk NY: After consecutive years of narrowing, their total fundraising trend reversed to the tune of $4.8 million, all in conjunction with a major migration to RallyBound and Salesforce. With 30k walkers, it is easy to imagine the amount of data accumulated, but the team is poised to capitalize and nurture fundraisers for a bigger 2016!


The beauty of Salesforce is its flexibility to adapt to a variety of use-cases. For NFAR and their Race for Autism RallyBound and Salesforce were perfect companions to collect and manage Race data. Not only that, NFAR provides training to volunteers and personnel to ensure that technology is utilized to its fullest. The future is bright and full of insight for NFAR, their programs and beneficiaries.




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