How to Give Thanks to your Donors on Rallybound

“Please” and “Thank You” are commonplace in child development. We’re taught to treat others with esteem and in return they will do the same. In fundraising this is no different; it’s crucial to sustaining influence.

In a world of impersonal interactions, saying “Thank You” to a donor whether in-kind or monetary, says a lot about the type of organization you are. Every cause is important; every organization wants to create tangible impact, but it is the organizations that spend the time to provide the same care to advocates as they do beneficiaries that thrive.

On the RallyBound platform, we provide multiple ways to appreciate champions:

1.     The “Send Email” link in the Fundraiser’s Donor Report

2.     Customized Receipts

3.     Donation Confirmation Page

4.     MailChimp Integration for Nurturing and Campaign Conclusion Communications

5.     Social Sharing

        a.     Auto posts

        b.     Fundraiser generated

The communication doesn’t need to be profound. It just needs to be authentic and genuine. The more respect you show, the more respect your cause is given, the more impact you make. Gratitude goes a long way!




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