How to Incorporate Gamification on Rallybound


While many dispute its true value, gamification is a hot topic of interest for many fundraising practitioners. For those who are unaware or looking for a refresher, the term gamification relates to techniques utilized to leverage people’s natural desires for competition, achievement, socializing, learning, and self-expression .

Here at RallyBound, we are ardent supporters of gamification when it is appropriately aligned with the core objectives of a fundraising campaign.

At its base, gamification is focused on extrinsic rewards such as badges, scores, and leaderboards based upon certain actions taken. While studies show that this can increase engagement, it can divert attention from the larger vision.

In an effort to enable the appropriate layering of gamification onto fundraising initiatives, our platform provides an advanced badging system for admins to foster deeper interactions.

Not only can top fundraisers receive customized-campaign badges, admins can set triggers to notify supporters personally, which pushes towards a more intrinsic connection to the campaign and organization.

Admins are also given the ability to produce badges based on emails sent; social accounts synced, and set badge classes aligned with actions taken. Say, for instance, a fundraiser sends 30 emails versus another who sends 50. One supporter would be at the silver level while the other situated at gold or platinum. All of which is at your discretion. Can you feel the power?!

What’s more, in conjunction with conditional communication and auto-triggers, badges based on elapsed time can be readied to aid in the continual reinforcement of action.

While the capabilities are wide-ranging, advanced and powerful, we do ask for prudence when building badges into your campaign. If they are your sole tactic for engagement, you are best served taking a step back, evaluating the reason for possible supporter fatigue and developing more internal zeal for advocates.

Remember, the value of donor retention is exponential in comparison to new donors. So keep your eyes focused on the long-term, mix badges into your campaign, and create memorable experiences for all!




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