How To Tell Your Story on Rallybound


It cannot be said enough, how powerful storytelling is in content marketing and fundraising. Without the story there is no connection to the cause and quite possibly a missed opportunity to capture supporters and donors.

Previously, we have examined how impactful emails can be but we wanted to reconvene and run through a couple tips on how to inject storytelling into your RallyBound instance.

1.     Pictures are worth a thousand words

This isn’t new information, but thinking about the pictures and images you use on your campaign or event site is key. It isn’t solely about a logo or color scheme, it is about how every image conveys a certain piece of the underlying reason for the campaign. Just as important, do not forget to get fundraisers to add their own touches.

2.     Template Emails from Fundraisers

One of the strongest tools at an Admin’s disposable is the ability to craft default copy for their fundraisers. This copy can be customized by the fundraiser but even flipping the script and providing a simple story for fundraisers is an incredible strategy. This scales communication between your organization and potential donors.  

3.     Emails from Admins

Your staff should lead by example. If you want to incorporate or enhance your storytelling, put it to use in your emails. Keep it simple, inspiring and genuine and you are good to go!

4.     Adjusting Copy on your Site

RallyBound is customizable for a reason: to empower you to develop your own narrative and unique way of telling fundraisers and donors about your cause. Dig into your custom aspects, check out the Campaign Dictionary. These are important areas of fundraising communications. The more personalized and authentic the more likely funds will come your way.

5.     Social Media Posts

Your posts are naturally white-labeled when deployed through RallyBound, so building personalized copy is key and an additional way to tell stories. Remember that you can also set videos and images to display alongside all posts.

Only you know how to tell your story and we want to enable that at scale. It is the reason your RallyBound platform is structured in the way it is. So dig in and move the public! Your story is an important one, so tell it!




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