Engage your fundraisers

Boost your network effect through unparalleled individual expression.

Bright imagery

Empower your supporters to fully express their support and enthusiasm for your cause and events by telling their stories the way they want to. Rallybound's platform gives fundraisers the abilty to add images, text and videos to personalize their personal pages and connect with potential donors.

Personal pages

Fundraiser tasks

Fundraising is hard and complicated work. Rallybound's system guides fundraisers through all of the stages of setting up and promoting their campaigns, tracking and showing their progress towards optimizing their profile.

Campaign progress

Innovative peer-to-peer

Rallybound is built around the idea that everyone has their own network of friends, family and coworkers that only they can tap into. Online and in-person connections can exponentially expand, with friends of friends contributing funds and further spreading the word about your cause.


Get social

Fundraisers on the Rallybound platform can easily connect their existing social media profiles with their fundraising efforts, and can share out requests and updates right from their fundraising pages. On mobile, fundraisers can also leverage their mobile phone contacts to ask for donations and send updates.