Seamlessly Syncing Data

We believe in open systems – in other words, that nonprofits should have the freedom and ability to connect their fundraising platform to whatever other systems exist on the marketplace. While we integrate with many types of systems, most nonprofits choose some combination of customer relationship management (CRM), email marketing / automation, a payment processor, and matching gifts solutions, all of which seamlessly integrate with Rallybound.

Customer Relationship Management (CRMs)

CRMs are at the heart of most nonprofit operations. Rallybound's deep integrations with Salesforce and Neon allow organizations to send data in real-time from our platform to these world-class CRMs. We also work closely with consultants that specialize in these systems, in order to provide the greatest range of service. Solutions for other CRMs are also available with Rallybound.

Payment Processing

Rallybound's fully-featured native integration with NeonPay provides an end-to-end infrastructure and support portal to handle all payment needs. This exclusive service removes the need for a third party payment processor, ensuring that any issues that arise with transactions, fees or even fraud are all handled through Rallybound. That said, third party payment processors including iATs, WorldPay,, Stripe, WePay and PayPal are also available as integrations with Rallybound.

Matching Gifts

Getting a donor – whether an individual, corporation or larger foundation – to match donations during a funding drive is a key strategy that many nonprofits routinely use to increase interest and urgency for their fundraising campaigns. Rallybound provides this natively with our Show the Match feature on donation forms, and with our integrations with Double the Donation, Amply and HEPData.

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