Salesforce Sync

Managing donor and fundraiser data in an easy and accessible database is critical to scaling your fundraising efforts. Our Salesforce app makes sure team, fundraiser and donation data seamlessly passes back to Salesforce from Rallybound.


The Rallybound Fundraising Salesforce app available on the Salesforce AppExchange can create Contacts, Opportunities and Campaigns based on a number of triggers, including registration and donations. Our fundraising website templates also allow nonprofits to create advanced mapping to Salesforce.

De-duping done right

Among the many benefits of the Rallybound Salesforce app, before creating a new record, our app searches for existing records in Salesforce, and will update records if they are already in the CRM. Also, once Rallybound creates a record in Salesforce, we store its ID on our end and attempt to use it for future donations.

Rallybound Salesforce Fields

Working with the best

Rallybound works side-by-side with many of the other most popular donor tools that integrate with Salesforce, including wealth management, matching and ticketing platforms. We also work with many of the most respected Salesforce consultants for nonprofits, including Arkus, Cloud for Good, Heller Consulting, Idealist Consulting, KELL Partners and Traction on Demand.