Is a Fundraising Platform Right for You?

1. Do you have a variety of fundraising campaign types?

2. Are you looking to centralize efforts into a one manageable area?

3. Experimentation and growth are constant discussions internally?

4. Feel your branding is hiding on 3rd party services?

5. Have a branded event series that needs a robust and customized platform to thrive?

These five questions represent the majority of clients utilizing the RallyBound fundraising platform today. While the missions are wide-ranging, each organization aligns under these identifiers.

More than ever, organizations need to be empowered by technology not inhibited. Younger generations, who increasingly contribute to donation totals, are unaware of a world sans “Internet on any device “. This is pushing organizations to provide more at a minimum for engagement.

In relation, the quantified world is creating a necessity of hard metrics that organizations were able to circumvent for the most part in previous years. Not today. Tangible impact is necessary. Visibility of success is crucial.

While intimidating for some, to us this means that the broad market is now going to see the truly amazing work that charities perform. Attaching hard data and new technologies will only catalyze the public at large to pay attention.

Our Platform tier’s rate of adoption signals that fundraising across the industry is becoming more complex and sophisticated. This highlights the requirement for heavy-duty platforms to compete and thrive, something legacy providers do not offer.

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