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RallyBound grew out of Invision California in 2011 and has since been incubated under Prodege Inc. Originally, Invision worked with nonprofits to build websites and set up fundraising campaigns. Invision saw that nonprofits consistently had to rely on software engineers to customize and integrate with fundraising software. These software vendors supplied the infrastructure (at a hefty price) but it was unusable”out of the box”. The RallyBound team realized that nonprofits should not have to shell out additional premiums for another vendor to integrate software already purchased at significant cost. Hence RallyBound was born!


Every other industry has reaped the benefits of innovative technology making their operations more efficient, opening up new revenue streams and entering new markets. Unfortunately, organizations like NGOs and charities have been forced to deal with archaic or expensive solutions that far exceed budget resources. We want to change that! We can do better!


RallyBound offers an enterprise-scale fundraising software that requires little to no additional development off-the-shelf and at a price point that nonprofits deserve. We’d love to show you how RallyBound has helped numerous organizations successfully raise more funds and awareness for their causes.

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