Make your Nonprofit Website a Fundraising Platform

While RallyBound believes wholeheartedly in the potency of our Event and DIY/3rd Party Fundraising offerings, it is our most underused product that has the potential to be the most powerful. That offering is our embed option, which we affectionately call: Fuse.

The beauty of Fuse is that it allows any organization, with minimal effort, to embed and deploy the ability for their constituents or site visitors to fundraise on their behalf. Think my charity:water “Donate my Birthday” campaign.

Why is this powerful?

For one thing, a lot of time and effort is placed on your organization’s website. Your supporters never leave your website. Your brand is always present through out the user experience. Additionally, the management of a fundraising platform can be highly involved. 

Embedding fundraising pages enables a more seamless management and the ability to strategically convert visitors into fundraisers without relocation.

Everything in one place, don’t you already feel more relaxed?

How do we do this?

Here are the steps to execution:

1.     Campaign Name is Provided by Organization

2.     Campaign Goal is Provided by Organization

3.     Url is Provided by Organization

4.     **Optional: Organization provides any customization specifications

5.     5 Lines of Javascript are generated by RallyBound’s development Team

6.     You copy and paste the code into your site

7.     Launch

We promise; it really is that easy. If there are certain specifications that need to be customized (sidebar sizes, etc) our development team will craft the code accordingly and then deliver within 48-72 hours.

Embed Empowered Clients

While each of these examples varies in deployment of Fuse, all have harnessed its capabilities in an effort to activate fundraisers quickly.

Here are two brief examples of how RallyBound Fuse can be used.

1. Grades of Green leverage their Board or Directors and Youth Ambassadors for a personal fundraising campaign called the Fall Fundraiser. They raised $25,000 in only 90 days.


2. ExodusCry just launched their personal fundraising platform. They even went so far as to customize the CSS. 


Peer-to-peer fundraising can be extremely effective in brand awareness and raising funds. Now with the power of RallyBound Fuse, nonprofits of all sizes can create BRANDED personal fundraising campaigns with ease.





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