Get millennials invested in your nonprofit fundraising

Research earlier this decade found that 78% of millennials are likely to stop donating if they don’t know how a donation makes an impact and 90% of donors would stop giving if they do not trust an organization. So, be transparent by posting how donations are being used and create graphics to show where funds are going. Also consider holding quarterly “impact calls” to share how your mission is reaching its goals.

Millennials utilize social media more than any other generation. This means that your nonprofit’s online presence must be extremely active. While frequent updates are important, the tone of your communications needs to be well thought out and visually engaging.

Donors – regardless of age – want to be able to make donations in as frictionless a manner as possible. Be ready for millennials to invest in your organization impulsively and don’t make them pinch and zoom when looking for the donate button on your website.

Finally, just because millennials are younger does not mean that they do not want to be thanked, acknowledged and updated on the impact of their work and donations to your cause. Basically, don’t undervalue what they can offer your organization.



Stephanie Farokhi


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