¡Done ahora! – Rallybound sites can now be completely translated

Giving is global and people are naturally more comfortable with their native language, especially in regards to fundraising, which involves asking for and giving donations. While Rallybound has long supported Google Translate as an integration, the translations have not been editable for the nonprofits. For nonprofits with supporters in multiple countries – and/or those that want to offer their entire fundraising experience online in either a single non-English language or multiple languages – Rallybound now supports complete translation of our fundraising tools.

This premium paid feature will be available in a few weeks for all existing and new Enterprise License customers. In addition to English, which is included in the license, customers can choose languages that are supported by Unicode 10.0. Customers can offer them either all together on one site, or separated out into multiple sites (for example a site in French only, a site in German only, etc).

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Customers determine which languages they want to display
  2. Rallybound provides a complete list of all of the text throughout our platform to the customer
  3. The customer must then supply Rallybound with a translation/s of the platform text into their chosen language/s
  4. Rallybound uploads the translations into the system
  5. Once that is done, there are various areas that nonprofits can further customize/translate from the admin interface

This process enables every nonprofit to offer not only the languages they want but also their own tone and style in each language chosen, something that is not practical with Google Translate.

If you are a current Enterprise License customer and are interested in adding one or more languages to your sites, please email our support team. For new inquiries about this exciting new feature and to learn about how Rallybound can best serve your organization, please reach out to our sales team.



Chad Catacchio


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